Terrorist Threats, Harassment & PFA (Protection From Abuse)

Harassment and terrorist threats are not charges that should be taken lightly. Even though they are misdemeanors, the consequences of a conviction for either of these charges could be far-reaching.People in Media, Pennsylvania, and throughout the surrounding area, come to me, Wana Saadzoi, Esq., because I have a proven track record of getting positive results for my clients. I know how to investigate the allegations against you and determine if they are credible. Many times, false accusations are made because of an ongoing divorce or previous incidences of domestic violence. A lawyer like myself can make sure you are not being taken advantage of by the legal system.

Delaware County Attorney Resolving PFA (Protection From Abuse) Violations

If you are the subject of a protection from abuse order, it is important to remain compliant while working with an attorney to resolve the matter. Violating the order could land you in prison for up to six months.

That means that if you are already the subject of a PFA order, you cannot call anyone who you are not supposed to be in contact with. That could lead to a charge of making terroristic threats along with a charge of violating the PFA. In many cases, I have been able to get charges reduced to disorderly conduct, which you can then resolve through Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition. This is why it is important to hire an attorney who knows the law and can find a creative solution for your situation.

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Contact my law firm, The Law Offices of Wana Saadzoi, Esq., today if you are the subject of a PFA order. You may mistakenly violate the terms of the order, which could leave you at risk of facing severe criminal penalties. Call 610-566-5956 to schedule a consultation. Spanish translation services are available, and I accept credit cards.