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If you face deportation from the U.S., The Law Office of Wana Saadzoi, Esq. can help. As a former prosecutor, I have the extensive knowledge necessary to help clients successfully fight the deportation and removal proceedings.

If you or a loved one is facing deportation then you want to hire The Law Office of Wana Saadzoi, Esq. to help you navigate the legal system to reach a positive outcome for you or your family.  Remember, you may not be a citizen, but you are still entitled to legal representation. Call us at our Pennsylvania address at 610-566-5956 for experienced legal help.

Millions of people try to come to the United States to make a better life for themselves and their families. It is not a simple process, however, and even if you are already here, your legal status can be taken away from you. At my law firm, The Law Offices of Wana Saadzoi, Esq., I work with immigrants — those with permanent, temporary or no legal status — from all over the world who have questions about the system or are worrying about having to leave the country. I help immigrants who need help with legal matters related to:

  • Conviction for certain crimes, including theft and drug crimes
  • Overstaying visas/visa expired
  • Entering the country illegally
  • Using fraudulent or falsified documents, or providing material misrepresentations to enter the country
  • Entering a marriage fraudulently to gain entry into the country
  • Assisting, encouraging, aiding or abetting others to enter the country illegally
  • Engaging in any activity that endangers public safety or creates a national security risk
  • Violating any other U.S. immigration law
  • Domestic violence
  • Errors in the visa and immigration procedures

If you or a loved one is facing deportation, do not risk removal by handling your case without legal help. Complications with filing for an extension, deadlines and other issues can rapidly lead to immigration and deportation proceedings and the real threat of long-term and permanent deportation. Even minor crimes and unintentional immigration errors can quickly lead to deportation. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I know what effects a criminal charge or conviction can have on your immigration status. I know how to resolve your criminal case so that it will improve your chances of being able to remain in the U.S.

I will thoroughly investigate the charges against you and have successfully filed motions in an attempt to dismiss or reduce the charges. I can also negotiate with the prosecutor to use an alternate method for disposing of your case, which could allow you to be eligible for bond while you await your immigration hearing. The stakes for you are much higher than a short stay in prison and a fine. If you wish to make your life here with your family, it is necessary to work with an attorney like me who knows how the law works.

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If you have questions regarding deportation and removal defense, contact The Law Office of Wana Saadzoi, Esq. we are available for evening and weekend appointments, payment plans are provided to clients to ensure that each client can get the best possible legal defense without fear of not being able to afford the best. Please don’t hesitate, your future is important to you and us. Contact my office in Media if your arrest is threatening your U.S. residency or if you have questions about gaining citizenship or any other adjustment of status. As an immigrant, I know what you are going through. Call The Law Offices of Wana Saadzoi, Esq., at 610-566-5956 to schedule an appointment.