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Deportation Lawyer

One of the hallmarks of federal immigration law is that it is complex. If you are an immigrant, whether you have permanent legal status, temporary status or no status, you need an attorney in your corner if you are facing criminal charges that could lead to your removal from the United States.People in Media, Pennsylvania, and throughout the surrounding area come to me, Wana Saadzoi, Esq., because they know that I fight hard on behalf of immigrants to allow them to stay in the United States and make better lives for themselves.

Media, Pennsylvania, Lawyer Helping Immigrants Through Deportation And Removal Proceedings

One of the advantages of being my client is that I know how to resolve criminal charges to increase your chances of being able to remain in the U.S. Far too many immigrants are arrested and deported without their criminal cases being resolved.

Successfully resolving your criminal case and then establishing that you are not a flight risk or a danger to society means you may be eligible for a bond hearing while you await your deportation hearing, meaning you will not have to sit in a detention facility for months or years.

After your bond hearing, it will be important to prove that your crime was not a crime involving moral turpitude or an aggravated felony. Immigration judges have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to making these determinations — for example, if you are arrested for theft the charges could be reduced to petty theft — which is why I will gather all the evidence I can to prove that you are not a danger to society.

If you are found to have committed a crime of moral turpitude or an aggravated felony, not only could you be deported, but you could also be ruled as inadmissible, meaning you will never be legally allowed to re-enter the United States. Even if you are not deported, if you are ruled inadmissible, you will not be able to re-enter the U.S. if you were to travel internationally. The stakes are high, which is why you need an attorney with years of experience in immigration law to fight for you.

Put Your Trust In An Attorney Who Knows How To Navigate The Immigration System

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