Know Your Rights

Criminal Defense & Immigration Lawyer

There are few things in life more stressful than being arrested. A conviction could mean time in prison, probation, fines, loss of employment and a damaged reputation. If you are not a U.S. citizen, however, a conviction could also mean deportation. Legal representation is essential in navigating the criminal justice and federal immigration systems.

My name is Wana Saadzoi, Esq., and I have the experience and knowledge you need to protect your rights and minimize the negative effects of a criminal conviction. At my law firm in Media, Pennsylvania, I work with clients like you who are scared of being swallowed up by the system and potentially losing their families. I have a track record of successfully resolving cases for my clients, whether that is through acquittals, getting charges dropped or reduced, or securing alternative resolutions such as accelerated rehabilitative disposition.

Experienced Delaware County Immigration Attorney Who Knows The System

If you are an immigrant facing criminal charges such as simple assault, you need a lawyer who knows what effect the criminal case will have on your immigration status. I know what is at stake for you, and the effects that criminal charges could have on your legal immigration status in the United States.

I have also spent time as a prosecutor and public defender, giving me vital experience in the criminal justice system on both sides. I know what arguments prosecutors will make and what judges will accept. I will put that knowledge to use for you.

Do Not Wait. Call Wana Saadzoi, Esq., To Protect Your Rights.

If you are facing criminal charges, contact me at The Law Offices of Wana Saadzoi, Esq., to speak about your case. It is important that you do not delay in hiring an attorney, because your immigration status could be on the line. Call 610-566-5956 to schedule a consultation. I accept credit cards, and, in addition to being able to speak Farsi, Dari and French, can provide Spanish translation services if necessary.