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Information on the Montco ARD Program for DUI Offenders

ARD Program for First-time DUI Charges – Montgomery County Pennsylvania

Not all DUI cases result in a criminal conviction. Some DUI charges can be reduced or dismissed altogether, and certain programs exist that can help limit the penalties and restore your freedom quicker.

Speaking with an experienced Montgomery County PA DUI Lawyer can help you understand your rights and your options.

For first-time DUI offenders in Montco, the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD) offers a second chance. Focused on treatment instead of jail-time, the ARD program could help you keep your record clean and limit the suspension time of your driver’s license.

Successful completion of the ARD Program can mean a dismissal of the charges and a possible expungement of DUI charges on your record. It can also drastically reduce a license suspension from one year to 90 days. 

ARD diverts first-time offenders for DUI or other crimes from entering the criminal justice system.

Considering that one DUI can mean up to six months in jail, a $5,000 fine and a one year license suspension, depending on your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), the ARD program is something to seriously consider.

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An experienced attorney can help you with the ARD application and guide you through the process of application. Not everyone is accepted, so having a DUI lawyer can help facilitate a more positive outcome.

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What is the Montco ARD Program for DUI?

ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) is a program with no jail time and expungement eligibility of your criminal record. It could also greatly reduce your driver’s license suspension time or allow you to even keep your driver’s license, depending on your BAC (blood alcohol content) level at the time of arrest.

A DUI offense may be considered for ARD if it is a first offense in 10 years and no person, other than the offender, was killed or seriously injured and there was no passenger in the vehicle under the age of 14.

People who have a criminal record and have spent time in jail have a much more difficult time finding jobs, getting credit to buy houses or fund schooling/college and even finding housing from a landlord.

The ARD Program offers a solution to people who are first-time offenders to have their charges suspended. However, there are still some mandatory court-ordered conditions that must be followed if the offender is accepted into the program.

Benefits of ARD Completion

The main benefits of a successful completion (there are strict guidelines to be followed) include:

  • Not receiving a jail sentence;
  • Limiting the license suspension (typically 90 days, compared to a one year suspension);
  • An opportunity to have all the charges expunged (a DUI lawyer can assist with this process).

Read the Pennsylvania Code Title § 3807 Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition for more information.

You can also visit the Montco ARD Program website.

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Application and Acceptance into the Montco ARD Program

Not Everyone Who Applies Is Accepted into ARD

If you were charged with DUI in Norristown, Abington, Lower Merion Township or Pottstown or anywhere in Montgomery County, it is worth it to see if you are eligible for this program and apply.

Not everyone who applies into the program will get accepted.

For instance, if any of the following are true, you will not be accepted into ARD:

  • If you have a prior conviction (for DUI or other criminal conviction);
  • If you had a second DUI offense (or more);
  • If there were children under age 14 in the vehicle at time of arrest;
  • If any accident occurred at the time of the DUI that caused another person bodily injury;
  • If you were also charged of another crime, such as a violent crime, at the time of the DUI arrest;
  • Other limitation not listed may also prevent your chances of acceptance, since as missing deadlines or filling out the application improperly.

To know whether you qualify for ARD, call Attorney Saadzoi today for a free consultation – 610-566-5956

It is important to speak with a successful PA DUI lawyer with experience winning DUI cases in Pennsylvania anytime you face DUI charges.

If you plead guilty you could face the maximum sentence for a DUI conviction, heavy fines and jail time, not to mention your driver’s license will be suspended for at least one year upon conviction.

Please read about the penalties for a DUI in Montco PA.

You have options. DUI charges can be fought and won in court.

The ARD program is just one option.

Attorney Saadzoi is an experienced and aggressive Pennsylvania DUI AttorneyIf you were charged with DUI in PA, Saadzoi Law can help. Contact Saadzoi Law today.

What Happens After ARD Completion?

If all of the guidelines are met, upon completion your DUI charges will be suspended / dismissed. This does not mean that your charges will not show up on your record. For that to happen, you will still need to have your record expunged, which a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer can also help with.

If you do not meet all stipulations and requirements of the ARD agreement, the penalties for conviction will be reinstated and you will have a DUI conviction on your permanent criminal record, lose your driver’s license and possibly go to jail.

If you are arrested again for DUI after program completion, even if your record has been expunged, it will count as a SECOND DUI, which comes with much harsher penalties, and you will not be eligible for the ARD program twice.

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At Saadzoi Law, we review the details of your DUI arrest and ask you questions about what you and the police said. We review police reports and determine if the stop was lawful and if you were in control of the vehicle. If not, or if there are any other circumstances permitting, Attorney Saadzoi will file motions to gain leverage over the prosecution.

Battling DUI charges on your own could increase the likelihood that you will face DUI penalties to the fullest potential of the law.

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