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If you were arrested or charged with a crime, you probably have a lot of questions about the penalties you face, what proceedings you will need to attend or prepare for, and how to protect your rights and freedom.

While Pennsylvania has some tough laws on crime, in Montco there are programs that may help to reduce these punishments, have your record expunged, or even have your charges reduced or dismissed.

For instance, if you are charged with DUI for the first time, you may be eligible to apply for the Montco ARD Program.

Likewise, if you were charged with drug possession in PA, Montco has a drug court program that can significantly reduce your sentence, if followed through with successful completion.

An Arrest is Not a Conviction

It is important to remember that even if you are charged with a crime – any crime – you still have options. Criminal charges do not always end up as criminal convictions.

In any criminal case, prosecutors must prove every element of their case beyond a reasonable doubt. If they can not do this, they do not have a solid case. There are many different angles that could show reasonable doubt.

At Wana Saadzoi Law, we will conduct a thorough case investigation in an attempt to show reasonable doubt or missteps in arrest procedures, in order for your charges to be reduced or dropped.

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A Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County, PA

Attorney Saadzoi will help you fight your charges to get them reduced or even dropped altogether.

Attorney Saadzoi can defend you on nearly any type of criminal charge, including:

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Legal Process in Montgomery County, PA

When you are charged with a crime, there are many forms you may have to fill out, court dates, and hearings for which you should be prepared.

Attorney Saadzoi will fight for the best possible outcome for you and your family. She will build a strong, winnable defense and prepare you for the following types of procedures and hearings:

  • Filing Documents and Applications
  • Preliminary Arraignment
  • Formal Arraignment
  • Plea Bargaining / Preliminary Hearing
  • Formal Hearing
  • Status Conference and Pre-Trial Conference
  • Disposition
  • Criminal Trial (Jury Trial or Bench Trial)
  • Sentencing
  • Criminal Appeal
  • Criminal Record Expungement

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Dedicated Former Prosecutor Representing the Accused

From Attorney Saadzoi:

As a former prosecutor, I understand both sides of the criminal courtroom. I know the tactics used by the prosecution and how to fight them. I know how to find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case.

I became a criminal defense attorney to help those who are in need of protection. I served as an assistant district attorney and the public defender’s office before dedicating my-self to the defense of people accused of crimes.

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When your life and future are at stake, you want the most experienced and dedicated criminal attorney for the job – and that is Wana Saadzoi.

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