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Were You Charged with Cocaine Possession or PWID in PA?

Know Your Legal Rights

Cocaine is ubiquitous in the United States, especially in Southeastern PA. It is difficult to NOT see cocaine, being that it is so common.

Even so, it is very illegal and the penalties for a cocaine possession conviction can be especially harsh: A small amount of cocaine for a first-time offense could mean a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

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Fortunately, there are some options available if you were charged with cocaine possession or are facing any drug possession charges in Pennsylvania.

An Arrest is NOT a conviction.

Our drug lawyers in Southeastern Pennsylvania can help you know your legal rights and the penalties you face, and we can help fight to get your charges dismissed or reduced to a minimum. We can try to negotiate a plea deal to stay out of jail.

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An Arrest is Not a Conviction

If you were charged with cocaine possession understanding your charges, your rights, and the available options for fighting your charges is crucial to a winnable case.

A simple drug possession charge can be fought in court in order to minimize your jail sentence, and/or receive treatment options instead of a prolonged sentence. Even if you are charged with PWID cocaine, it is possible to fight your charges for a reduction in sentencing.

If you are currently facing cocaine charges, speak to an aggressive and experienced Drug Lawyer in Pennsylvania about your charges.

Because many people who are charged with drugs are suffering from drug addiction, the state does recognize that certain people need help instead of jail time and, therefore, created diversion programs to rehabilitate, especially for first-time offenders. These programs require successful completion but can help to keep charges to a minimum or off your record entirely.

An experienced drug attorney can help minimize the negative effects of a conviction. At Saadzoi Law, our ultimate goal is to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether. 

We are experienced and aggressive drug lawyers in Southeastern PA who have a track record of winning tough cases. Our attorneys are compassionate people who want to help our clients get the best possible result and we work hard to try to accomplish that goal.

If you were charged with drug possession, you are not just fighting your charges, but for your freedom and your future.

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Penalties for Cocaine Possession in Pennsylvania

Penalties for possession of cocaine charges vary based on the amount involved and also whether the charge is for a first or subsequent offense.

If there is a minimal amount, you will be charged with simple possession. If the police suspect that you are intending to distribute or sell the cocaine, or they discovered a large amount of cocaine, you will be charged with PWID, or Possession with Intent to Distribute.

For a possession charge of any controlled substance, “possession” can mean in your car or in your home – possession does not necessarily mean in your pocket or on your person.

Other indirect penalties of any criminal conviction could mean other restrictions, such as loss of parental rights, increased insurance premiums, and loss of legal gun ownership. A criminal record could affect your ability to find jobs and secure housing, as anyone who performs a basic background check will see the conviction. It could also limit your ability to take out loans and opportunities for college. These penalties can last a lifetime and can end up being the biggest price, the biggest loss of all.

Penalties for a Simple Possession Cocaine Conviction in Pennsylvania:

(Less than two grams of cocaine)

  • First Offense: Misdemeanor, up to one year in prison, and a $5,000 fine for a first offense;
  • Subsequent offense: Misdemeanor with up to three years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Penalties for a PWID Cocaine Conviction in Pennsylvania:

  • 2-10 Grams of Cocaine: Possession of 2-10 grams of cocaine is a felony offense, a $15,000 fine, and a minimum of one year in prison. A subsequent offense is a minimum of three years in prison.
  • 10+ Grams to 100 Grams of Cocaine: A felony offense, a minimum of three years in prison, and a 25,000 fine.
  • Over 100 Grams of Cocaine: A felony offense, a minimum of seven years in prison, and a 25,000 fine.

Second offenses carry double penalties. Penalties can be tacked on if you were found with drugs within a school zone or charged with selling drugs to a minor. If you face gun violations, you may also see higher penalties.

You could also face federal penalties for PWID charges. If you face federal PWID charges over 500 grams of cocaine, you could receive a minimum of $1million dollars in fines and up to $10,000,000 along with 20 years to life in prison.

It is pivotal to remember that being charged is not the same as being convicted and until you are convicted, you still have the right to fight your charges. Our attorneys can speak with you during an initial consultation to help you better understand your rights and the court process.

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Fighting Cocaine Charges and Proving Possession

If you are charged with possession of cocaine in Pennsylvania, do not make any statements to arresting officers or police. Everything you say should be said with an attorney present and you have every right to politely tell them you will not answer questions unless you have an attorney at your side.

In order to make a case for a conviction, prosecutors have to prove a couple of things: One, that you knowingly and intentionally were in possession of an illegal drug. Two, that you either had actual or constructive possession of the controlled substance. This could mean that they were under your bed, and you had control over that spot.

If prosecutors fail to prove either of these things, they do not have a strong case. An experienced Pennsylvania drug attorney can help you present your side of the story and look for any missteps by the police or arresting officers in order to have the case thrown out. For example, if there was no probable cause to conduct a search of your vehicle or if you had other people in the car with you, all of these things could be contested in court.

When facing drug possession charges in Pennsylvania, it’s crucial to explore all available defense options. A few common strategies for fighting drug charges include:

  1. Challenging the legality of the search and seizure (Motion to Suppress): If law enforcement conducted an unlawful search or seizure, evidence obtained as a result may be suppressed, potentially weakening the prosecution’s case.
  2. Contesting the elements of the offense: Your defense attorney can examine the evidence and challenge the prosecution’s ability to prove that you knowingly and intentionally possessed cocaine or intended to distribute it. Oftentimes, PWID charges get knocked down from a felony to a misdemeanor based on this defense.
  3. Establishing lack of knowledge or ownership: If you were unaware of the presence of cocaine or can demonstrate that it did not belong to you, it may be possible to mount a successful defense.
  4. Conspiracy: If the police were using surveillance to make the bust, a very common defense to PWID charges is the theory of conspiracy.

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How Saadzoi Law Can Help

At Saadzoi Law, our goal is to get your charges dismissed or significantly reduced.

A cocaine possession conviction in Pennsylvania can send you to prison and require you to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

The penalties are harsh and life-changing. One mistake can cost you an entire future. This is why we are compassionate at Saadzoi Law and will do everything possible to fight your charges.

A drug charge is not a drug conviction. Don’t give up hope. 

Battling drug charges on your own could increase the likelihood that you will face penalties to the fullest potential of the law. Attorney Saadzoi will thoroughly review the details of your heroin charges, arrest, and police reports to determine if your arrest was lawful.

If there are any circumstances permitting, Attorney Saadzoi will file motions to gain leverage over the prosecution.

Attorney Saadzoi will do everything possible to get your drug charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

If there is an alternative program available for first-time offenders, Attorney Saadzoi can help you apply for the program, to receive treatment instead of jail time.

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