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Information on Facing and Fighting Criminal Charges in Chesco

Anytime a person is charged with a crime – whether or not they are guilty of that crime, and no matter how big or small the crime – they face a huge stigma from society and a real burden on clearing their name or getting their charges reduced or dropped.

Attorney Saadzoi has worked with people charged with crimes in Chesco, PA for years – successfully winning cases and helping ease the stress of families who face dire consequences.

She is an empathetic, but savvy attorney with fierce aggressiveness in winning cases and having charges reduced or dropped.

Whether you were charged with DUI, retail theft, drug charges, an internet crime, or homicide, Attorney Saadzoi is here to help you understand the charges you face and your options in fighting for your rights and your freedom.

An Arrest is Not a Conviction

Facing criminal charges can be frustrating, frightening, and even embarrassing. But remember, you are not guilty until you are convicted.

Attorney Saadzoi will personally handle your case from start to finish; it won’t be passed down to a less experienced associate. She provides the best possible legal services to her clients and will fight aggressively for your rights.

If you were charged with a crime or have a warrant out for your arrest or a bench warrant in Chester County, call today for a free consultation.

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Legal Process in Chester County, PA

Depending on the type of crime you face, and whether this is a first or second offense, there are several possible proceedings for criminal charges in Chester County.

You may be eligible for the Chesco ARD program or may qualify for the Chesco Veterans Court.

You may be facing misdemeanor charges or felony charges or this may be a first offense or you may have multiple charges stacked against you. You may be facing criminal charges only in Pennsylvania, or you may be facing federal charges (for example drug PWID or sex crimes over the internet).

The penalties for each type of criminal charge vary greatly, but Pennsylvania is known for being tough on crime and even a misdemeanor can send you to prison, especially a second offense.

Whatever charges you may be facing, Attorney Saadzoi will fight for your rights every step of the way. She will build a solid defense and prepare you for the following:

  • Filing Documents and Applications;
  • Bench Warrants;
  • Preliminary Arraignment;
  • Formal Arraignment;
  • Plea Bargaining / Preliminary Hearing;
  • Formal Hearing;
  • Status Conference and Pre-Trial Conference;
  • Disposition;
  • Criminal Trial (Jury Trial or Bench Trial);
  • Sentencing;
  • Criminal Appeal, and;
  • Criminal Record Expungement.

Chester County Court Resources and Court Information

Chester County Criminal Lawyer
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How Can a Chester County Criminal Lawyer Help You?

Attorney Saadzoi will make sure you understand the legal options available so you know what you are up against – and how to fight your charges to get them reduced or even dropped altogether.

In any criminal case, the prosecutor must bring evidence admissible in the court sufficient to prove every element of their case beyond a reasonable doubt. A thorough investigation of every possible angle could show reasonable doubt, and that is what Attorney Saadzoi will attempt to do – everything possible to show reasonable doubt in order for your charges to be cleared.

A thorough investigation will also uncover missteps by police and other law enforcement – if police violated your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, mishandled evidence, or took you into custody without sufficient cause, your case could be dismissed altogether.

If any misstep occurred, Attorney Saadzoi will file motions to suppress evidence, motions to exclude prejudicial testimony, and motions to dismiss the criminal charges.

Filing and litigating all viable motions is an important part of getting the charges reduced or dismissed before trial.

Please read Attorney Saadzoi’s Avvo Reviews and other client reviews.

Attorney Saadzoi can defend you on nearly any type of criminal charge, including:

A Former Prosecutor Representing the Accused

As a former prosecutor, Attorney Saadzoi understands both sides of the criminal courtroom. She knows the tactics used by the prosecution and how to fight them. She is an incredible negotiator and will work toward getting you the best possible outcome for your case.

Attorney Saadzoi understands the ins and outs of the courtroom in Chester County. For example, if you face a first-time DUI in Chesco, she can help you apply for the Chester County ARD program, paving the way for you to keep your license, avoid jail time, and have criminal charges come off your permanent record.

If you are a U.S. Veteran charged with a crime, you may also be eligible for the Chesco Veterans Court. Attorney Saadzoi can help with the application process and program eligibility.

Attorney Saadzoi handles cases of all kinds, including retail theft in Chester County, drug charges, internet crimes, assault, and homicide.

If you are cleared of criminal charges and want your criminal record in Chester County expunged, she can also help with that process.

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An Aggressive Criminal Lawyer

Contact Pennsylvania Attorney Wana Saadzoi if you are facing criminal charges in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

When your life and future are at stake, you want the most experienced and dedicated criminal attorney for the job – and that is Attorney Saadzoi.

Call 610-566-5956 to schedule a free legal case evaluation. 

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