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Facing a second DUI offense in West Chester or Chester County, PA can lead to serious repercussions, but it’s crucial to remember that an arrest doesn’t equate to guilt. Our experienced DUI attorneys can help. 

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An Arrest is Not a Conviction

Being charged with DUI does not mean you have been convicted. It is possible to fight and win a DUI in court – even a 2nd DUI – and many other options to reduce the charges and keep them off your record.

At Saadzio Law, led by the esteemed Attorney Wana Saadzoi, Esq., we understand the importance of mounting a strong defense to combat DUI charges in Southeast PA. Your job, reputation, license, future, and other rights are all on the line.

Our legal team is here to help. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention to each case, meticulously crafting defense strategies tailored to achieve favorable outcomes. With a background as a former prosecutor and extensive experience navigating Pennsylvania’s judicial system, Attorney Wana Saadzoi brings invaluable insight to DUI defense.

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If you’ve been charged with DUI in Southeastern Pennsylvania, your first step should be to discuss your charges with an experienced and aggressive Chester County DUI lawyer.

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What Happens When Charged with a Second DUI Offense in Chester County, PA?

The DUI Court Process can be lengthy, depending on the circumstances involved in your case.

The following provides an overview of the steps of the legal process of a DUI in Chester County:

  1. CRN Evaluation (Fees and Paperwork)
  2. Preliminary Arraignment
  3. Preliminary Hearing
  4. Formal Arraignment and ARD Program
  5. Discovery / Gathering Evidence
  6. Pre-Trial Conference
  7. Trial
  8. Appeal

All DUI offenders in Pennsylvania are required to pay a $75 fee to take the CRN Evaluation (Court Reporting Network). The CRN evaluation will determine whether you will be recommended for further drug and alcohol assessment. The CRN takes 30-45 minutes.

You will need to bring the following to your appointment:

Get more information about this process at the Chester County DUI Program.

See our page on the DUI Court Process in Chester County, PA for more information about these steps.

Information on Second DUI Conviction Penalties in Chester County, PA

Pennsylvania law delineates three categories of DUI offenses under Pennsylvania Code CS §3802, each associated with varying blood alcohol content (BAC) levels

The three levels of BAC include:

  • Tier 1: General Impairment of DUI – Applicable when BAC registers between .08% and .099% or when alcohol consumption impairs driving ability;
  • Tier 2: High rate of alcohol DUI – Triggered by BAC levels ranging from .10% to .159%, and;
  • Tier 3: Highest rate of alcohol DUI – Assigned when BAC exceeds .16% or if a controlled substance is involved. Tier 3 penalties are often applied when someone refuses a blood or breath sample.

Challenging chemical test results is a common defense strategy, given the direct correlation between BAC levels and associated penalties. Factors such as medical conditions, procedural errors, or equipment malfunctions can undermine the reliability of breath and blood tests.

The punishment for DUI is also determined by how many previous DUI charges you have had previously (within the past ten years). This includes if you had previously accepted the ARD program.

Penalties for a Second DUI Conviction in West Chester

Conviction for a second DUI offense entails escalated penalties, assuming no aggravating circumstances (DUI accidents and DUI homicides):

Tier One – General Impairment: .08% to .099% BAC level

  • A misdemeanor on your criminal record;
  • One-year license suspension;
  • Five days to six months in jail;
  • A $300 – $2,500 fine;
  • Mandatory Alcohol Highway Safety School;
  • Completion of Alcohol or drug treatment, if ordered, and;
  • One-year ignition interlock.

The court may impose maximum fines and incarceration based on case specifics.

Tier Two – High Impairment: .10% to .159% BAC level

  • A misdemeanor on your criminal record;
  • One-year license suspension;
  • 30 days to six months in prison;
  • A $750 – $5,000 fine;
  • Alcohol Highway Safety School;
  • Alcohol or drug treatment, if ordered, and;
  • One-year ignition interlock.

Highest Impairment: .16% or higher BAC level or DUI Controlled Substance

  • First-degree misdemeanor;
  • Eighteen-month license suspension;
  • Three months to five years in prison;
  • A $1,500 to $10,000 fine;
  • Alcohol Highway Safety School;
  • Alcohol or drug treatment, if ordered, and;
  • One-year ignition interlock.

For drivers under 21 years old, penalties intensify under Pennsylvania’s Zero Tolerance Law.

If you have a professional license or a CDL license, these penalties can also affect your career.

In addition to losing your license, jail time, and fines, a second DUI conviction means you will have a criminal record, which makes everything in your future more difficult – getting a job, finding housing, finding insurance, and loans for housing and school.

Learn more about the length of time your license will be suspended after a DUI arrest.

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Fighting a 2nd DUI Arrest in West Chester, PA

Early intervention is pivotal in building a solid defense. Reach out to Saadzio Law today to speak with an attorney today: 610-566-5956.

How Saadzoi Law Can Help

A second DUI conviction carries heightened penalties, making it imperative to contest the charges. Our DUI defense attorneys in Chesco, PA devote ample time and resources to assess each case thoroughly, striving to secure favorable outcomes for our clients.

Attorney Saadzoi knows that sometimes good people make mistakes and oftentimes the punishment does not fit the crime. Many people deserve a second chance and treatment programs over harsh prison sentences and large fines that can tarnish their reputations and take away their freedom.

You Have Rights: Fight for Them.

Being charged with DUI does not mean you have been convicted. You have a right to dispute the charges or try to get them dropped or dismissed completely. With the stakes being so high, the help of an experienced Chester County DUI attorney could make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

When you engage Saadzio Law for your DUI defense, you can anticipate:

  • Clear guidance on your civil rights and available options regarding a second-time DUI in Pennsylvania
  • An exhaustive investigation into the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest to identify potential violations of your civil liberties by law enforcement. Attorney Saadzoi will thoroughly review the details of your DUI arrest and the police reports to determine if the stop was lawful. If not, the case could be dismissed.
  • Scrutiny of the prosecution’s evidence, including chemical test results, to identify weaknesses and opportunities for defense
  • Aggressive advocacy to challenge the DUI charge, seeking dismissal or reduction of charges where possible
  • Detailed discussion of proposed plea bargains to empower you in making informed decisions regarding trial or negotiation

If you are a licensed professional, you may also be at risk of losing your certification or professional license over a DUI. Attorney Saadzoi works with professionals to help prepare them for any circumstances that may risk their careers. Read more about DUI in PA and professional license holders.

In addition, even if you are not convicted, your DUI arrest may still show up in public records, affecting your future. Attorney Saadzoi can help get your arrest record expunged, so your record will be sealed and people running background checks will not see your arrest or conviction.

Attorney Saadzoi will do everything possible to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. 

Our legal team is committed to safeguarding your rights and interests, striving to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Even in the face of compelling evidence, we tenaciously advocate on your behalf to mitigate the consequences of a second-time DUI in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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