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What Happens if You are Charged with DUI after an Auto Accident in PA?

If you were in a motor vehicle accident and charged with DUI of alcohol or DUI controlled substance, you are probably worried about your future.

Will you go to jail? Will you lose your license?  Not to mention, will your auto insurance premiums will be affordable? Will you have a criminal record? All of these things could have lasting consequences for years to come if you are convicted of DUI in Pennsylvania.

If you or your passenger(s) was injured or if the accident involved another vehicle with injuries, the penalties for a conviction are very severe in Pennsylvania, including a felony on your record and jail time.

Facing criminal charges is very scary and stressful. However, not everyone who is charged with DUI is convicted and oftentimes charges can be reduced.

An Arrest is Not a Conviction

Just because you were charged with DUI does not mean you have been convicted. There are many options to fight and win a DUI in court, reduce the charges and/or keep them off your record.

If you were charged with DUI in PA, you should contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible to get a free legal consultation about your case.

At Saadzoi Law, we can help. We can lay out your options and offer the best strategy to fight your charges. We work to get the best outcome possible, and for your charges to either be reduced or dropped altogether.

We understand that accidents happen and people make mistakes and we also know that, sometimes, people are not guilty of crimes they are charged with committing. We know that sometimes arresting officers make mistakes.

We know how stressful it is to be charged with a crime, not just for the person being charged, but for their whole family.

Attorney Saadzoi offers free consultations to anyone charged with a DUI in Delaware, Chester and Montgomery Counties – Contact Saadzoi Law Today.

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What are the Penalties if Convicted of DUI after an Accident?

If you were charged with DUI after an accident with injuries, you may also face additional charges such as reckless endangerment, simple assault, aggravated assault and/or homicide. These charges could come separately and with another set of penalties entirely, including felony charges.

A felony conviction often results in a lengthy prison sentence – up to ten years for aggravated assault.  

The punishment for a DUI conviction weighs heavily on your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level after your arrest. If you have a BAC level of .08 or higher, you are considered impaired for operating a motor vehicle.

There is a three-tier system based on BAC levels, as follows:

  • General Impairment: .08% to .099% BAC level
  • High Impairment: .10% to .159% BAC level;
  • Highest Impairment: .16% or higher BAC level.

Penalties for a DUI conviction typically include a misdemeanor on your criminal record, fines ranging from $300-$15,000, a one year to 18-month license suspension, and a requirement to enter a treatment program and a mandatory Ignition Interlock for at least one year.

Please see the Penalties for a DUI Conviction in Pennsylvania page for specific sentencing guidelines based on BAC Level and prior offense.

The punishment for DUI is also determined by how many previous DUI charges you have had previously (within the past ten years). This includes if you had previously completed the ARD program.

In addition to losing your license, jail time and fines, a DUI conviction means you will have a criminal record, which will make everything in your future more difficult – getting a job, finding housing, finding insurance and loans for housing and school.

Attorney Saadzoi is a compassionate and understanding attorney who is prepared to fight tooth and nail for your rights and reduction in charges or case dismissal.

She has successfully litigated numerous criminal and DUI cases in Southeast Pennsylvania and thoroughly understands the court process. Dedicated to her clients, Attorney Saadzoi has spent time on both sides of the law as a prosecutor and a public defender. As your lawyer, she will work aggressively to resolve the charges against you.


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How Saadzoi Law Can Help

Attorney Saadzoi has years of experience successfully helping clients fight for their DUI charges reduced, dismissed and resolved.

At Saadzoi Law, we review the details of your DUI arrest and police reports. We determine if the stop was unlawful and if you were in control of the vehicle. If not, or if there are any other circumstances permitting, we will file motions to gain leverage over the prosecution.

Attorney Saadzoi knows that sometimes good people make mistakes and often times the punishment does not fit the crime. Many people deserve a second chance and treatment programs over harsh prison sentences and large fines that can tarnish their reputation and take away their freedom.

This compassion translates to an aggressive litigator who will work hard for her clients to get the best possible outcome.

Attorney Saadzoi has spent time on both sides of the law as a prosecutor and a public defender. As your lawyer, she will work aggressively to resolve the charges against you.

Attorney Saadzoi will do everything possible to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. 


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